Eco-paints for creativity
without artistic skills
Thousand Unique Resources inside You
We believe that any person, even without artistic skills, can paint the world around him, and make him more beautiful. And we create solutions from Tury Design on the basis of magnificent acrylic paints of our own design, with which everyone can realize their creative potential and show their individuality.
Aleksandr Turkatov
Founder & Ceo
Aleksandra Samoletova
Co-founder & Sales Director
Our three main products for your
Art paints
A stunning palette of 116 delicious shades. Just choose the finished color and create.
Ready-made combination
Ready-made sets of paints with perfect combinations of colors from the best designers.
Designer shoes
Collection of designer shoes from Tury Design. A true individuality at the price of a mass market.
Realize your ideas on any surface
Ready-made combination by Tury Design
Honey euphoria
19 £
A stunning warm combination that can make this autumn warmer and cozier
Tender fox
19 £
A magical gentle combination that excites imagination and brings playful tenderness into everyday life. It looks absolutely amazing!
Fabulous cranberries
19 £
Forest magic of the new year is available to everyone in this combination.
249 £
249 £
379 £
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